The Company

International Affair is a New York based company founded and directed by Michela Deidda, aka Miki Tuesday, in 2016.

The company is a collaboration between street style dancers with different backgrounds — Hip Hop, House, Contemporary and Popping — from all over the world and connected by the same passion for Waacking.

Our mission is to present powerful and elegant performances of Waacking, a social dance started in the disco clubs in the late 70’s, and bring it back to the mainstream by showing the style’s versatility and capacity for storytelling.

International Affair has performed at The Apollo Theater, Winter Follies, Boogieland Central Showcase, Phoenix Rising, Get Together, Holi Hai Festival, BlakTinX Performance Series, BAAD Theater,  Sybarite, LayeRhythm, Ladies of Hip Hop Festival, Museum of Sex and many more .

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Miki Tuesday

Michela Deidda aka Miki Tuesday Founder Choreographer and Artistic Director at International Affair was born and raised in Italy, where she is a known Urban dancer and member and co-founder of Sarda Crew.

She moved in New York on 2010 where she developed her Hip Hop and House skills and discovered her self in Waacking, that became her main style.

She performed as dancer and Choreographer at Apollo Theater, Ladies Of Hip Hop Festival, Winter Follies, BAAD!ASS Women Festival, Summer Stage Boogieland, Showcase Phoenix Rising, Get Together, Holi Hai Festival, Gowanus Expo, Sybarite, Aretha Franklin Tribute and as dancer at Carnival, Fringe Festival, Flushing Theater, Sybarite, Nolita film Festival, Street Spectrum, Reasons Legacy, Bam Cafe, Sakura Matsuri Festival.  

From 2016 Miki Tuesday and Cocomotion started a deeper collaboration choreographing and performing as "Duality" 

Miki Tuesday is now a member of Phyllis Rose dance company, she teaches Waacking at Broadway Dance Center, Peridance and EXPG for Archie Burnett, Princess Lockeroo and Nubian Nene and she teaches hip hop at Spoke the Hub recreation center.

ChaCha XX

Chacha(XX): Born in Beijing, China. Style in traditional Chinese dance and Waacking. In 2017 she won Waacking Side and was Finalist at Uptempo Asian

In 2017 she moved to New York city and kept competing in the most renowned event in the USA like Soul Train Experience Winner, Step Ya Game Up Quarter Final, Finalist Waack Bazar, Waack to the future Semifinal 2018 -Freestyle session  Quarter Final 2017, Ladies of Hip Hop Quarter Final

ChaCha performed for the first time at Local Produce Festival 2018 and she became a core member and Co-choreographer International Affair" 

She performed at The Apollo Theater, LayeRhythm, Ladies of Hip Hop, Waack Bazar, Roundz of Flame


Oli Waackamole

Orhan Oli Saric aka Oli Waackamole was born and raised in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina and got in touch with dance at the age of 12 for the first time. After a lot of research, traveling around the world, education and self-discovery throughout years of dance experiences in different styles such as: jazz, street jazz, hip hop, contemporary, house, vogue and waacking he decided to become a teacher and share his knowledge with other students in his hometown in 2011. Years after referring to himself as a street jazz teacher, dancer and being a choreographer for local and international competitions, theatre shows, hair shows, modeling multiple times for the brand “Keune”, back-up dancing for local Bosnian singers and dancing in music videos, being in a Eurovision song contest intro video for Bosnia & Herzegovina and after many many performances he finally figured out that his true love was actually and always will be waacking. Since then (2015) it is his main style. He moved to NYC in 2018 and will perform with International Affair for the first time at Local Produce Festival 2018 and is a current member of International Affair.

Manon Bal

Manon BAL is a versatile professional dancer born in Marseille, France. After 11 years of training, at La maison de Réjane, Manon started her professional training at the Institut de Formation Professionelle de Danse Jazz Rick Odums in Paris and continued at the prestigious Alvin Ailey School. After two seasons with the Jeune Ballet Jazz de Rick Odums and the company FFD, she is actually a member of Ephrat Asherie Dance. She performed for Ronald K Brown, Tweet Boogie, Janine Micheletti, Gwen Potters and others. She has worked for the artist l’ONE, and for Sephora commercial and she performed at Jacob’s Pillow and Duke Theater. Manon received multiple awards in jazz and urban style categories at National and International dance competition in France. After performing for Ronald K Brown, she received a Scholarship for his Summer Intensive.

Manon has been invited as a guest teacher across Germany and France for Festivals and workshops, she has been involved in various dance projects and she’s exited to keep building her career in the United States.

Manon Performed with International Affair at Funk Box Boogieland Showcase, Phoenix Rising, Gowanus Expo, Holi Hai Festival, Get Together and is a current member of International Affair

Michael J Lubbers

Michael J Lubbers was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where He was trained in streetjazz, tap, Waacking and contemporary. He moved to Paris, France to study at “Institut De Formation Rick Odums” for 1 year where He was trained in jazz and modern. At the moment he’s studying at “The Alvin Ailey School” in NYC where he get trained in styles like modern (Horton and Graham technique), Ballet, Jazz, Tap and West African.

Michael is a current member of "International Affair" 

Christina "CocoMotion" James

Christina "CocoMotion" James is a native New Yorker. She’s Urban dancer specialized on Waacking and Hip Hop and works as a teaching artist and freelance dancer. She performed as dancer and Choreographer At Street Spectrum, Baad Theater and Reason Legacy.

Cocomotion in collaboration with Miki Tuesday intensificate their partnership choreographing and performing together as "Duality"

CocoMotion performed with International Affair at Local produce Festival 2016, Funk Box Boogieland Showcase and Winter Follies 2017, Ladies of Hip Hop Festival Showcase 2017

CocoMotion International Affair

Tyrone Bevans

Tyrone was born and raised in the Bronx. He is a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist. He began his journey in dance while studying at the Mark Morris Dance Group and Martha Graham School for Contemporary Dance. In the past Tyrone has performed for choreographers and artist such as Amalgamate Dance Company, Movimento do Povo, Enforced Arch Dance Company, Sons of Kick, Neil Schwartz, Karla Garcia and Christal Brown. 


Lena Scheidegger

Lena was born in 1991 in Switzerland. As a 10 years old, she started with Tap and Jazz Dance and fell in love with the Hip Hop and House Culture later on. In 2013, she became a member of the urban contemporary company "TeKi TeKua”. Her first longer stay in NYC 2014 made her focusing on Waacking and House. This summer in the city will be exciting for her to intensify this knowledge and to share the floor with the community. Lena performed with International Affair at the Local Produce Festival 2016

Lena Scheidegger International Affari

Nubian Néné

Nubian Néné, was born and raised in Montreal. Known mostly for her Waacking and House styles.  In 2007, she joins the BluePrintForLife company, which spreads the knowledge and ideologies of the Hip Hop culture to the Inuits youth of Canada.  She has taught at the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (Vienna/NYC), the Illadelph and Funky Fundamentals Festivals (Philadelphia) and at the International Waacking Festival (Los Angeles).  Her dance took her to many European and Asian countries.   She's featured as a waacker on FOX news “Good Day New York” celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 'Soul Train' TV show. In 2013, she performed at the Fringe Festivals in both Hollywood and NYC with KINEMATIK Dance Theater, she than traveled to Toronto to teach and judge at the Unity Festival.  She is featured in Jose James' videos 'Every Little Thing' and 'Peace Power Change', in Michelle Williams 'Say Yes' video, which features Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Fall 2014, she performed the 'Music Creates Opportunity' evening length piece with well-known 'Bboyizm' Dance Company, in Vancouver at the Cultch Theater, and since then she’s performed with them in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Peterborough, Ontario.  Since 2014  she is hosting the Ladies of Hip Hop dance competition and is well anchored in the Festival, presenting choreographic work, teaching and helping with the organization.  Her latest work is a piece co-choreographed with crews Flow Rock/LEGZ called LEGADO which is a breaking piece honoring those who came before and who will come after.  In the summer of 2017, she’s performed the ‘Fraking Trip: A Journey through Hip Hop’ at the off-Broadway Elektra Theater. Most recently, she is working on getting her dance company A Lady in the House Co off the ground to reach and inspire creatives through a residency.  She is a teacher at the EXPG NYC school and co-organizes a bi-monthly party called It’s a Feeling.  Her goal is to constantly inspire through actions, words and dance.

Nubian Néné will collaborate with International affair at Ladies of Hip Hop Festival Showcase 2017


Lauriane is born and raised in Switzerland, where she discovered the Hip-Hop culture being a teenager. After her own researches and several travels around the world, she really fell in love with it and decided to move to New York to live it to the fullest. Since then, House and Hip-Hop are part of her lifestyle as a student, teacher, performer and event organizer. Versatile dancer, she is now part of ATF (All about the Feeling) and DFF (Dance Fusion Family) and Passion Fruit Dance company.

Lauriane performed with International Affair for Spoke the Hub Benefit Concert 2015 and Winter Follies 2016


Melanie Aguirre

Born and raised in New York City, Melanie has been exposed to rhythm and culture since the age of 2, beginning with Salsa and the Hustle taught by her parents, also dancers. In a world of constant change, Melanie willingly embraced her talents and pursued her passion diligently. By the time she reached 18, Melanie Aguirre had earned a position on a Disney tour and a MTV show called “Say What Karaoke”, formally launching her career in the entertainment world.  Before May of 2006, she was featured in three magazines including twice in Cosmo Girl for the Body & Soul articles and Dance spirit. Melanie was a member of the House of Ninja, she is still an active member of Dance Soul Co. Melanie Aguirre is Founder of Rep Your Style. She has worked with such artist like Usher, pitbull, Marc Anthony, shaggy, Neo and more.

Melanie Performed for International Affair during Winter Follies 2017


Brince was born in Seoul, South Korea. He has explored the dance styles of Popping, Waacking, Locking and Choreography in South Korea.

He started ISVP at  Peridance Capezio center where he has been training various styles such as HipHop, Choreography, African, Dancehall, Voguing, Waacking

Brince collabo with International Affair for Winter Follies 2017

Melanie Aguirre